Think of putting quality locks on the doors of your house

Home security is a priority for all households against various attempted break-ins. Thieves are always looking for a door that’s easy to break so they can get inside and take what’s inside. There is currently a considerable increase in burglaries in France. To avoid this, it is therefore essential to install quality locks under a solid door.

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The different types of classic door locks

There are several types of locks: classic locks that open with keys and modern locks with a combination of code or fingerprints. These consist of two sliding rods located in the middle and at the bottom of the door. These rods can be operated with a button, a mouth or a crutch. Thereafter, we have multipoint locks in particular with 3, 5 or even 7 points. They ensure a reinforced safety thanks to its several locking points. This type of clasp can also be called a safety lock.

Then there are the crochet locks that are used for gates and sliding doors. They guarantee effective locking for doors to the outside. They can be installed either built-in or surface mounted. They can be simple, equipped with a grace or a retractable bolt. Finally, in the category of classics, we also distinguish the threshing lock which is a small lock installed on a mailbox, an electric room or a piece of furniture.

The variety of modern locks

Modern locks include electric locks with electric strikes. These can be opened remotely.

After that, there are biometric locks that are operated by digital fingerprints. This lock can be adapted to all types of doors and is of quality with regard to security. In addition to these, you can also find electronic locks whose mechanism is operated remotely by pressing the switch on a small wireless remote control or a code.

Finally, the connected locks also make quality door locks because they combine comfort and security. Indeed, this kind of locks works via the Internet or a mobile application.

The choice of quality locks for the doors of the house

The choice of lock is very important since it plays a very essential role in protecting a home from attempted break-ins. By opting for quality locks therefore the house will be assured of protection against burglaries. Some important criteria must be considered when choosing quality locks. First of all, it is preferable to select the best brand with regard to the cylinder of the lock. Then, the type of safety and the size of the cylinder must be taken into account. For the lock itself, the type of installation, the number and nature of the lock points, the key as well as the aesthetics are also part of the criteria to be taken into consideration.

In addition, for a more reinforced lock, it is recommended to choose locks that comply with the A2P standard. This means Assurance Prevention protection created in 1984 in order to assign an NF quality standard to intrusion protection equipment. In order to obtain this certification, it is necessary to submit the product to the NCPC or National Centre for Prevention and Protection which carries out tests to see the resistance of the material. Thus, this center can ensure the quality and solidity of the locks against picking, drilling, tearing and sawing. Locks with A2P certification also have a long service life.

Whatever it is, to guarantee the security of the doors of the house, it is essential to realize well the installations of the locks by calling upon a competent locksmith. Moreover, in the case where the door is fragile, quality locks are useless. Consequently, it is also necessary to have a robust and solid door such as armored doors.

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